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Yes, most of us have very hectic lives. We hurry around each day like busy little worker bees, totally obsessed with our own survival, looking after our families, paying bills and so on. Afterall we are only human.
Meanwhile a lot of uncool stuff keeps happening each day under our very noses. It amazes me just how creative we humans are at finding disturbing ways to hurt and abuse each other.
Yes, I recall that old quotation about how we have enough religions to hate each other, but not enough to love each other.
Why must there be so much turmoil between our religions and our beliefs, and why each tries to dominate the other ... our way is better, we yell for the tree tops for all to hear.
When the tragic 911 tragedies occurred, I remember all the high profile religious leaders and success gurus coming out of the wood work yelling that we should retaliate and fight for our rights. A few years later, we discover that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so retaliation was a flimsy path for us all. And the costs for such mistakes keeps exploding each day.
Anyway, that is the reason for the creation of the most disturbing Dooms Day Poem, to ask each of us to take a timeout break each day from our busy lives and to look into our magic crystal ball and see what we are doing to each other, or what we are allowing our leaders to commit on our behalf.
And may be we can find cool ways to help each other to start loving each other, rather then continuing to embrace old paradigms that continue to divide us and give ourselves permission to hurt each other.
Heck, why hurt each other when mother nature can cause such unbelievable catastrophic pain and suffering in a blink of an eye as she demonstrated so horrifically and tragically in Japan and New Zealand in 2011.
This very special simple but very effective WEPI Kool Tool compels us to look into the future to get a brief look at our horrific gift to each other if we keep choosing not to change. Then to come back to our present day, and ask better questions of how we can find cool and enduring ways to forgive each other, and start to love each other, even if it hurts in the short term for us.
Yes, we do have a profound CHOICE today ...
But the TRILLION DOLLAR question for each of us is ... what do we do with this most precious of GIFTS that only we human beings are given each profound second of each profound day?
Please do visit my most disturbing Dooms Day Poem today, and see how you too can be a critical catalyst to claim a far better VISION for our planet and for our humanity ...

Then wisely choose today to join my wonderful Love Tree Game and discover the amazing magic that you can give to our world today and for the rest of your precious limitless life -




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