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"GIVING, is the single most precious act that has the
profound power to change our world INSTANTLY"

- Valerie J. Elly


Okay, this Fourth GIVING Wealth Element is the big one that will profoundly transform your life instantly and forever. But only if you want to enjoy the most precious life possible for YOU.


Because when you decide to become a powerful unconditionally loving and giving person, your life will profoundly change forever, because you will see life in the most profoundly powerful way possible, because you will see and experience the shear joy in helping others as opposed to foolishly wasting your life on seeing how many empty attachments you can collect for yourself before you die.


GIVING to your community unconditionally is called TITHING, and despite what a lot of people incorrectly think about what TITHING is, giving 10% of your weekly wage to your church etc. Tithing simply means giving unconditionally to your community and society anything that you can afford to give. It doesn't have to be money or things, just your love, your time, if that is all you can afford to give at this time in your life.


I strongly believe that if you do not find the courage and UNCONDITIONAL love in your heart to give to others, especially to non-family members, than you are choosing to live the most ineffective, sad and sorry life possible. And that is a tragedy for you and for your community, for your nation and for our world. Why? ... Because you are far, far better than that ... because you have the magical powers NOW to find cool, simple and amazing ways to give to others, as I am giving all this magical joyous powers to you today. Hey, a powerful girl's gotta keep promoting herself in order to help make the world a better place for us all, do you agree?


Because GIVING UNCONDITIONALLY makes you very courageous. It teaches you how to courageously let go of your own ego, selfishness and attachments. Because it is your deadly emotional attachment to owning things and even people ... I have a better looking more successful husband or wife than you, so that your neighbors and friends can think you are a better person than them. Or that you are doing better than them in life.


You see, if you unwisely believe that it is your attachments that give your life value, than what happens to your self-worth when you lose your attachments, are you instantly rendered worthless to yourself and to life and to your community? If you link your self-worth to your attachments, than you must therefore become worthless in your own eyes ... does that make sense to YOU?


No, you are far, far more valuable than your attachments ... Your true value to your family, to life and to your community and to your nation and to our world are LIMITLESS ... Do you agree?


So why not place less value on accumulating attachments, and refocus your great untapped awareness, courage and unconditional love, and choose to help as many people as you can each day for the rest of your life. Please do click here now to join for FREE, my most precious LoveTreeGame.Com and live a more effective, more joyous and more precious life from this day forward for the rest of your life.


Choosing to play and win with my Love Tree Game is the ultimate path for the most enlightened and powerful ... that's you too ... because there is no other greater joy than GIVING to bring joy to others. Yes, anyone can accumulate, but how many can GIVE?


And that is what GIVING UNCONDITIONALLY does for you. It helps you and empowers you and helps you to jettison your deadly heavy attachments to people and things, and helps you to develop and maximize the quality of your preciuous SELF-WORTH and super powerful CHARACTER, which at the end of the day are everything.


You see, when we die, we can't take our deadly attachments with us, so why waste our time and resources to collect and hoard them. Do click here to get your FREE copy of my most precious Love Legacy Kool Tool to help you with your transformation to a more powerful UNCONDITIONALLY GIVING person.


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Yes, by investing in some of the special funding solutions on this website today, you have chosen to courageously and lovingly give to help me with my bold, but achievable VISION to empower and help over a BILLION kids [precious Stars] and their families around the world over the next few decades.


So you win, I win, and the kids and families of the world win, and so does every town and nation on Planet Earth WIN ... so how super cool is that for you and me. Please do click here to get your FREE copy of my most magical Tithing Kool Tool NOW that will instantly transform and empower your precious life forever ...


May The WEPI-FORCE Be With You Always!


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Hi Oprah Winfrey fan, please note that this special web service is a very simple but very powerful Micro-Economic strategy to empower women and families who live in all towns or communities around the world.


So that they too can harness the ubiquitous and explosive unlimited wealth creating powers of the Internet to build more robust and prosperous lives ...


By innovatively attracting their share of the massive online wealth that the magical Internet offers all of us.


I believe that only by empowering women and families at the MICRO level are we better able to build more secure robust nations at the MACRO level ...


That's the bold Vision and achievable Dream!


Only by empowering women and families at the Micro-Economic level are we able to save all regions thereby empowering all nations.


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Valerie J. Elly